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I had a great conversation with Leticia Cline yesterday over coffee. She is a social media maven that has both great photographic and written content on lots of platforms. She affirmed one of the hallmarks of good marketing that is just starting to be re-applied in the wild wild west of social media stratagem. Targeting. Are there people out there that have over a million followers on Instagram that talk about motorcycles and have travel blogs? Sure, but what is their actual engagement? How many of their followers are actually influenced and buy the products or services that Leticia uses and writes about? She has 62,000 some odd followers on her Instagram. But were I selling a new motorcycle accessory and had the choice of having Leticia try it out and write about her actual experience with her authentic voice, and having someone with just 1 million random followers because of 100s of bikini photos, I choose Leticia every time. She has a specific target in mind. She writes what she actually thinks, her followers actually trust her and value her input when looking at new products. The Instagrammer that has 1 million followers has exactly 0 impact on my product being purchased. Leticia can actually back up the efficacy of her social media presence with statistics based on engagement and sales of products she has actually reviewed. The 1 million follower Instagram account holder may be a siren song, but it is eminently futile, forgettable and a waste of your marketing dollars to pursue.