The Lovely Boutique

One of our most cherished clients is the Lovely Boutique. We love all of their merchandise and unique gifts. While the Lovely has a unique retail experience for customers we are more interested in the business implications of their model. The lovely is a collection. You walk in and there is an overall aesthetic to the place, but there is this spirit of something different. There is a feeling that while everything works together as a whole and has a theme that the items themselves have their own music. This is because The Lovely has over 45 individual artists providing merchandise to the store. However the real magic of the experience is how the owner, Kimberly puts a hurculean effort into curating each artist and each item that makes it to the floor. So while you get a sense of the ecclectic, what you really get a sense of is Kimberly and her sensibilities. We are huge fan of The Lovely and their beautiful gifts and furnishings but we are a bigger fan of Kimberly's ability to provide a perfect outlet for small artists getting their start in the retail world. We look forward to the next shop that The Lovely opens and to the wonderful things one may find there. 

On September 12th at 7pm there will be a fashion show at The Lovely. Please make sure to check out all of the new fall fashions!